Evaluations and Surveys

Please take a moment to evaluate the course and give the Writing Center feedback on your experience with them over the semester:

  1. Course Evaluation for HS112. Log in to your Canvas account and find the Course Evaluations page under the Academics tab. This system will be open until May 13th. Please take some time to fill it out as it really helps the H&S department and the college shape and improve the curriculum.
  2. Writing Center Survey. Follow this link to the survey. This will help the writing center further tune their approach to serving students and their needs.

Dewey & Aesthetic Experience

Take a look at the following videos which might provide some insight into your experience with Dewey. The first video revisits our discussions of the word “aesthetic” in interesting ways, referencing online culture. The PBS Book Club segment is specifically about the book in which the chapters we are reading appear. The woman has all the good insights, and the man does all the groaning about it being difficult and old (deal with it!).  Remember, you are reading as much as you can, thought the first two chapters are essential for Tuesday. Keep an eye out for interesting passages that you think deserve explication.


Russolo’s “Art of Noises”

Russolo’s manifesto is part of the wider art movement of Futurism. The founding manifesto by F.T. Marinetti can be read here. It is a scary read given its misogyny and militarism, but it is important context for thinking many subsequent art movements, including Dada and Surrealism (which in many ways are counters). Russolo’s manifesto is thankfully free of misogynistic expressions, focused more on the aesthetic strategies of the sound art it advocates and describes. Here’s an article discussing Russolo’s work and a modern demo of the technology he created:

Also, the contemporary genre of “Glitch music” (also “Chiptune” and “Glitch hop”) carry Russolo’s ideas into contemporary music:

Welcome to Writing and Analysis II

Welcome to the course website for HS 112. This site will serve as our hub for information and scheduling of readings and due dates on coursework, as well as a space to post questions, comments, and resources. The syllabus that you received on the first day of class will be posted here for download in case you lose it, and all assignment documents and guides will be archived on the Documents page. 

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