Topics: Technology and the Digital

We’ll use this post for a running tally of potential topics you might pursue in the last essay sequence. Here’re some initial ideas: Extending McLuhan: think about Marshall McLuhan’s commentary on media in Medium is the Massage, especially his claims about technology and media as “extension” of the human body, …

Thesis Development Resources

First, watch this video: Next, read these resources from the Purdue OWL Writing Lab in the following order: “Organizing Your Argument” This will give you an overall view of the elements of your essay in terms of argument. For more detail, re-read the chapter from Rosenwasser on reasoning. “Strong ThesisĀ  …

Analysis Peer Review

Here are peer review groups based on the clustering around subject matter. We’ll be collaborating in these groups for the first round of peer review!

McLuhan and Media

McLuhan is an important thinker for focusing attention on the effects of mediums on human experience. The crude edit of McLuhan’s Wake that we watched highlights his concept of the media “tetrad,” a conceptual tool for thinking about the “laws of media” that he develops in his later work. The text we will be focusing on, Medium is the Massage, was published in 1968 after he felt that his major work, Understanding Media (1964) was misunderstood by the public.

Politics of the “Practical”

One of the themes that you might find of interest across the works we have engaged to think about education is practicality. In each case there is a problem of the narrowness with which we imagine something to be practical or “useful.” For Le Guin, the difficulty she sees in …

Getting the Most from College

The New York Times has a nice little opinion piece on getting the most from your college experience. Although we’re reflecting on past educational experiences for our first essay, this may inspire some interesting ideas for that reflection as well as give you some advice about how to navigate Cornish …

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