The Mass Effect Trilogy


Mass Effect, A game where world politics take center stage as the crucial point in all three games.You play a character that you can make in your own image in both appearances and gender named: Shepard. Now check out the link below to see what’s going on in this great big game.



Great! now that you’re up to speed time to get to why we chose this series, they offer an experience that most games at the time of series being released  had….Dialogue the interactions that are exchanged between this cast of characters is almost unmatched, close to the point where no matter how you play you start to form a bond with this digital fictional characters. The way in which you play in this dialogue is up to you and the choices you make change how people in the world view you. Now this is a game that I could spend all day unpacking on this post but this is just to give you a taste as to what’s going on before we start talking about it in class.

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