Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is what you would get if the Harvest Moon series and Minecraft came together and had a baby. Created by ConcernedApe (and only him!) and published by Chucklefish, Stardew Valley is an indie open-ended RPG that allows the player to create a farm, save a dying community, and maybe even find love along the way. As an open-ended game, you can play it however you’d like– so you don’t really have a set ‘goal’ to get to in order to win the game. While there are various quests that the villagers can ask you to complete, as well as the main quest of fixing up the community center, you can choose to ignore those and spend your time making your farm the best it can be.

If you do choose to complete the community center, you have two choices: side with Joja Corp (aka the soul-crushing corporation that you left in order to start your farm) and continuously buy your way to perfection, or the people of the Valley and farm materials to offer to the Junimos, the keepers of the forest.


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