For those of you that are curious about the hundreds or years we skipped over, here is a link to Richard Kearney’s chapters on the ideas of imagination circulating prior to the humanist revolution we are engaging in class inaugurated by thinkers like Pico della Mirandola. These appear in his book Wake of Imagination (1988).

Download PDF – Hellenic

Download PDF – Medieval


Kearney on Hellenic and Medieval Imagination
Terry Schenold
Terry Schenold believes that videogames are a vital organ of cultural change in the twenty-first century. He is a PhD candidate in English and founding member of the Critical Gaming Project at University of Washington, teaching media and game studies courses for the Comparative History of Ideas Program. He is also adjunct faculty in the Humanities and Sciences department and occasional collaborator in Design at Cornish College of the Arts. His most recurring research interests include reflective reasoning in ergodic media, digital media poetics, philosophical aesthetics, and digital game design and culture.

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