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  • Lastname, Firstname. Title of work. Publication info, Year.
    • reviewed by Yourname Lastname


In this section you want to provide a prose overview of the work, situating it in the larger work in which it appears, summarizing the argument or approach, its key claims or themes, and identifying the key contexts. You might also include a comment on methods and style, though only in the descriptive rather than evaluative mode. The goal of this phase of the review is to give us a concise sense of the "aboutness" of the work, its approach and goals (what it is trying to accomplish, and how it goes about it).

Key Ideas

This section is where you can include a itemized prose list of key concepts, quotations, examples, events, etc. that the work uses to express its view. Use "*" like so:

  • Key idea - prose explanation of key idea here.
  • "Blah blah ..." - explanation and significance of key quotation here.


This section is for reflection on the significance of the work for thinking about "play". You might connect to specific things in the course material, or reflect more generally on the importance of the contributions you noted in the previous section.