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The Games: Sent, Dogs and Jackals, Knossos, Ur. Classifications: All the games listed are under the category of “Racing game” as there ending goal is to get to a point before their opponent dose. I found this very interesting as yes they are racing but they are totally determined by chance, the throwing of sticks or dice. Also that is an element of domination to them as they also insist on the debunking of opponents in there track to the finish line (Knossos, Dogs and Jackals). All of the games listed were also accent and from the same regain of the world ( Egypt, or African regain) and used a lot of similar elements, to play them. For example both Scent, and Dogs and Jackals came from Egypt, but from different times in history. And yet they both use sticks as a mode of movement, and chance and have a need to win by blocking the other from moving there piece and getting a head of them. In all I found the games very interesting, and even fun from the look of the boards, pieces, as well as the rules and game play its self. It made me want to go and try the games out even, to try and in a more tactical way understand and really play the games, not just understand and analyze them