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  • "software vendors promise that gamifi- cation will “revolutionize” all areas of society and economy, motivating us as consumers to co-create, to buy, and to produce by word-of-mouth; as employees to engage in the workplace; as citizens to participate in politics and collective problem- solving; and as individuals to learn, live healthy, and act sustainably." (pg. 5)

I've never really found the idea of collecting badges or points to be the soul purpose of achieving things, if this side of a pat on the back doesn't manifest itself in some physical way then (test scores, fitness, money. etc) then what's the actual point of having them? When games or applications have badges or points, I've never been inclined to play on them to get more of those things. I just don't get it???

  • "we are dearly lacking solid description, analysis, and reflection of just what is happening now and just how it will affect us, the people." (pg. 9)
  • "gamification is marketing bullshit, invented by consultants as a means to capture the wild, coveted beast that is videogames and to domesticate it for use in the gray, hopeless wasteland of big business.”(pg.24)
  • "Play loses its innocence. It is no longer an escape from the system, it is just another branch of it. Waste is no longer wasted. Playbor is part of capitalism’s effort to colonize every last moment in the waking day.”(pg.24)

I agree! It seems like every big company is trying to be the cool mom who gives out buttons and participation medals to people who do the bare minimum Also just a side note this reading is really disjointed with all these annotations


  • "He presents social

status as a central human drive that fuels an innate desire to compete, win, and publicly display tokens of achievement." pg 41

  • This is the core concept of gamification, and the thinking behind most current design practices. However, is there a less analytical way to look at games or play as a design element/society element?