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"Play is both a larger and a smaller term than "game," depending on the way it is framed. In one sense, "play" is a larger term that includes "game" as a subset. In another, the reverse is true: "game" is the bigger term, and includes "play" within it."..... "Most forms of play are looser and less organized than games. However, some forms of play are formalized, and these forms of play can often be considered games."


"Conflict: A third element appearing in all games is conflict. Conflict arises naturally from the interaction in a game." This is interesting to me in that it made me thinks of Mads' project topic. In domestic simulator games like slime rancher, there is little to no conflict, yet it is still a game. Also puzzle games, or walking simulators, or other exerpiencs that lack "conflict" but are still games.