Stitch Bitch: Patchwork Girl as Manifesto

For Monday:

1A. Please take some time to read and reflect on Shelley Jackson’s essay “Stitch Bitch”. I’ve left some of my highlight markings in the PDF, but you should focus on what captivates you for discussion. In lieu of a reading quiz, please identify a passage and provide a comment on its significance for your own thinking. I will collect these, so please print them out!

1B. If you are super ambitious, you might come to class with a passage in the essay that connects to something specific in Patchwork Girl...

2. We’ll be making the transition to Braid, methinks, on Wednesday, so also look into acquiring that game. You can purchase it here on Steam:

3. If you are not Rose (who was apparently the only one who looked at “rearrangingly”), please take a gander at it as I think it highlights the amazing potential that hypertext has for organizing experience of information!


Terry Schenold

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Terry is a English PhD candidate at University of Washington and the founding member of the Critical Gaming Project @ UW.