Reading Patchwork Girl

Over the break, please spend a considerable amount of time with Patchwork Girl (PG). Some things to do to prepare for our discussions:

  1. Consider structure. Shelley’s novel had an interesting structure that, upon analysis, helped us to see a strategy of organizing the reading experience for certain effects, particularly in sequencing narratives within the novel. What is significant about PG’s ¬†structure? Does it relate to the narrative in meaningful ways?
  2. Important lexia. Consider the individual units  or blocks of text, called lexia, that comprise the hypertext novel. As you explore the work and start to see what it going on, identify one lexia that you think is seminal Рparticularly illuminating in some way.
  3. Reflect on the reading experience. Apart from the basic frustrations and confusion stemming from the old software, consider your personal experience of making sense of the novel. What challenges, feelings, ideas characterize your experience?

In lieu of a quiz, please bring to class a prepared remark about at least one of these above topics. I will collect it for points that go toward quiz scores.

Terry Schenold

About Terry Schenold

Terry is a English PhD candidate at University of Washington and the founding member of the Critical Gaming Project @ UW.