Locked in the Mind

“Rigor of beauty is the quest. But how will you find beauty when it is locked in the mind past all remonstrance?” – William Carlos Williams, Paterson

Great second discussion today on Braid! Next week we’ll continue with discussion, expanding our discussion up to World 6 (so, Worlds 2-6), leaving 1 and the “star” content for later. In preparation, please observe the following:

  1. Play as far as you can. If you get stuck, watch videos on Youtube of the remaining content. I’ve archived a video series that is pretty good here, but the voice-over commentary can be annoying at times.
  2. Resources for analysis. This ZIP file has a lot of key imagery (screen captures of text, key events), and you can find them individually at this URL: http://share.bloodedbythought.org/Braid/. There is also Armand’s very clean shots here.
  3. My slides. For reference, take a gander again. You will need to for….
  4. Discussion Prep. For Monday, identify one “expressive element” (something in the game that contributes to one of the 3 “layers” I posited in the slides), and comment on how you see it working, its significance. Type all this out, and bring it to class.

More Resources:

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Terry is a English PhD candidate at University of Washington and the founding member of the Critical Gaming Project @ UW.