Ubered Out?

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Ubered Out?

In the article I found, it explained the Uber boom in society, and the new Uberable items we may have in the future. People are wondering, could the instant gratification we get from this taxi app be applied to other businesses? Many people believe that if other businesses follow the trend, it will create to much of a divide between application based business and businesses we must seek out without apps. Will the Uber boom create harm for businesses who aren’t application based? They spoke about having uber for things such as health care, playdates and babysitting. Experts say 10% of businesses would be better if they were application based. But where do we draw the line between the two types of businesses? What businesses are ¬†worth getting out of the house to access, and which would be better utilized at the touch of a button.

Personally, I believe that some businesses could be better suited in an application fashion, and some should stay separate. For example, when they mentioned the Uber for babysitting and playdates. There is a level of trust and familiarity one must achieve before strangers are able to be apart of each others lives, it seems odd that parents would be comfortable with giving their child off to a complete stranger. Even if there is some kind of background check part of the app, its not like a taxi ride, the risks are much higher at that point. Same goes for playdates, sometimes you have to let things happen naturally, like making friends. There is no such thing as friendship through instant gratification, even though the technological world seems hopeful. An Uber for things like food however, seem like a totally legitimate idea. No longer having to go to the grocery store every time you need a gallon of milk. That sounds like Uber heaven.

This article connects directly to my technology self experiment. The point of visiting this article and connecting it with the experiment is to talk more about technology and instant gratification. Its not bad to use these kinds of shortcuts every once in a while, but the overuse can cause a hole in your personal daily achievements and one in your pocket as well. Going out and getting something done on your own makes who feel like you have accomplished something, where as applications make it easier to sit on your ass and watch more Netflix. Our world should be a balance between app business and more traditional forms of business. One should not override the other.

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