Q&Q: Cathy Davidson+

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Q&Q: Cathy Davidson+

Let’s use this space to collect thoughts on the Cathy Davidson video and the Digital Nation documentary! If you’re Youtube savvy, you might link the specific time in the video you are commenting on. If the blasted WiFi works, we can reference in class…


  1. Davidson says that “institutions tend to preserve the problem they were intended to solve.” Is this intentional? Schools tend to pride themselves on how diverse and accepting they are, which are aspects that Davidson says ought to be privileged in order to allow different perspectives to flourish. Are these qualities then being dampened by individual tests and standardized methods of measuring intelligence?

  2. This isn’t an exact quote but it was the whole topic of writing a specific way for online learning and specialized tests. Although I can see it as an easier way to grade a student if they are hitting the key points of an objective I find it ridiculous that after high school the way we should write is not strictly on that format. In one way of thinking it feels like a waste spending approximately 10 years worth of this kind of belief? But I also guess that it helps us build a base to go off on. I wonder if this country will opt out standardized testing in the far future?

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