Project Sharing Shindig

Let’s use the post’s comment section to signup for food bringins’ and such. 1. Natalia offered cupcakes for Monday 2. I’ve got Costco muffins for Wednesday Others?

Q&Q: Astra Taylor + Paolo Pedercini

The final Q&Q opportunity – let’s make it count! Choose either Astra Taylor on the Web or Paolo Pedercini on games – two significant contexts in which the technological imagination is being shaped!

Q&Q: Jaron Lanier

Let’s revive the Q&Q for this last phase of the class (largely on Jaron Lanier’s work). Reply to this post with questions, quotations, criticisms, etc.

Q&Q: Cathy Davidson+

Let’s use this space to collect thoughts on the Cathy Davidson video and the Digital Nation documentary! If you’re Youtube savvy, you might link the specific time in the video you are commenting on. If the blasted WiFi works, we can reference in class…

Q&Q: Katherine Hayles

Use this to record your thoughts and questions about the Hayles essay “Hyper and Deep Attention,” as well as Nicholas Carr’s chapter “The Juggler’s Brain” from The Shallows.

Q&Q: Sherry Turkle

Let’s use this thread to collect questions, quotations, and thoughts about Turkle’s argument about sociality in the network society.  

Q&Q: Lev Manovich & Steven Johnson

We’ll be dealing with these two theorists next week, both of whom are interested in the idea of an “interface” and how interfaces within identifiable media forms, as well as media forms themselves constitute culture and practice.

Q&Q: Bush and Wiener

Post all your Q&Qs for this week in the comments of this post. We’ll address these in class, so keep them short and remember to mark quotations.