A Pet Rock Protects the Cloud

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A Pet Rock Protects the Cloud

Dojo Labs has created a device to protect all of your other devices. It connects directly into your wi-fi router and keeps a close eye out for suspicious activity. Such an active device calls for an active design right? Wrong. Say hello to the Dojo, your new pet rock and security system. It’s sleek design and minimal alert system of glowing concentric circles pairs with an app for your smartphone which will alert you in conversational English. No bells, no whistles. Security is as subtle as the cloud itself.

Don’t you think it’s funny how we have such a huge net of data surrounding each one of us? A little piece of the cloud follows each of us around. I think Dojo’s design is extremely appropriate: a grounding center for the mere idea of the cloud. We have so many devices simply interconnected through wireless communication that the idea of secure connections gets lost among them. Sure we all know to have a security system for our laptops, but how often do we think about protecting our smart tvs? Our smart watches? Our home gaming consoles? Dojo keeps an eye on every wi-fi connected device. While this does leave a hole for non-internet based hacking attempts, it covers most if not all internet-related security breaches.

Of course, this in turn asks another question: if Dojo is protecting my information, who’s protecting Dojo’s information? And thus the cycle begins. The challenges of new technology in the cloud bring more and more questions on security and privacy. When a cloud of data surrounding the protection of other devices goes up, doesn’t that just look like a huge target for hackers? How will Dojo combat an attack on its own cloud-based server? Here’s hoping the Dojo Labs office has a really, really big pet rock.

Source article: Wired

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