Project Sharing Shindig

Let’s use the post’s comment section to signup for food bringins’ and such. 1. Natalia offered cupcakes for Monday 2. I’ve got Costco muffins for Wednesday Others?

The Fault In Our Stars

[Not remotely a John Green fan but will absolutely use his trash novel/movie title ironically to encapsulate the overarching theme of my article choice.]   Article:¬†Twitter Ditching Stars Is All About Snagging New Users Every time a social network makes a small change it kicks up dust, sometimes with good …

A Pet Rock Protects the Cloud

Dojo Labs has created a device to protect all of your other devices. It connects directly into your wi-fi router and keeps a close eye out for suspicious activity. Such an active device calls for an active design right? Wrong. Say hello to the Dojo, your new pet rock and …

Q&Q: Astra Taylor + Paolo Pedercini

The final Q&Q opportunity – let’s make it count! Choose either Astra Taylor on the Web or Paolo Pedercini on games – two significant contexts in which the technological imagination is being shaped!