LIM & ImmorTall

We’ll use this post to capture any out of class thoughts about the two games we discussed in our opening session. I’ll put up posts like these as another means of capturing your engagement with the course material often, especially after sessions in which discussion is cut short due to my meandering in lecture or we simply have so much more to explore and share!

Links for replay:

Reply to this post with any reflections you have and I’ll make it a point to bring this material back in during live sessions.

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  1. I think the hyper-simplistic form of LIM is a great starting point for examining the the concept of our interpretation of games. The taking of the microcosm experience of the “bit” and extrapolating it into the macrocosm of societal issues.

    • I agree, and it also shows the power of abstraction to induce the human imagination to make analogies to provide understanding. Love it. Incidentally, Merritt curates a really cool collection of free games under the “Forest Ambassador” site, linked on the “Resources” page. :)

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