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  1. Bump for group 6, I’ll be emailing you all soon.

  2. Hey there! Magicka seems interesting to play, but from what I saw of the gameplay video, is there much we can say about it? Whether any of us liked it or not, I loved that with the Stanley Parable, the game kinda spoke for itself and allowed for question and discussion to be made. Depending on how many people in our group see this, how about we all try to come to class on Tuesday or Thursday with recommendations and discuss it in person as a group?

    And Brian if this game has more to it than meets the eye or something, feel free to keep that as your suggestion and tell us about it :)

  3. Hiya, I think the idea on talking face to face about each of our recommendations is a great. And I too, do not know much about Magicka and looking at gameplay I’m only gathering so much from it, so it would be helpful to talk about it in person. I do have a 3 hour gap in between my classes so Im free from 11:30-2:20 (when our class starts) most Tue/Thur, and I usually hangout in the hall outside the room the hour before, so if that works for anyone let me know. I can also meet after class if totally necessary but because I have to commute back home, if before class works I would prefer that.
    Thanks and hope everyone’s weekend is going well!

  4. How does meeting at about 2 on Tuesday outside of the classroom sound?

  5. 2:00 before class sounds good, If you guys would like to nominate anything else please let me know.

    I nominated Magicka due to it’s alluring, satiating game play on top of it’s intriguing intricacies, teamwork requirements, and overall productivity when you are a player of the game.

    To elaborate:
    The way you cast “spells” is a combination of button presses, there are spell books that teach you spells, but there are so many different abilities for different situations it allows each player to play with their own natural style. Much like Stanley Parable, you have so many choices in your player input that you feel in total control.

    The game is actually as fun to play as it looks, explosions, projectiles, and currents.

    Cooperative Games, any game that can be cooperatively played with a friend or acquaintance adds a multidimensional approach to game play, especially if there is friendly fire.

    I’ll see all of you Tuesday.

  6. Sounds good! I’ll take another look into it and see how it is. I might even consider buying it to test it out. Btw, to keep in mind when you guys are making recommendations, could they be games that aren’t too fancy? I’m admittedly not a PC gamer and my laptop can only handle so much lol. The games for class have run just fine as a point of reference.

  7. I also share the same sentiment about what we can actually say about the game itself. Also I am not sure whether I can make it at 2:00 yet. As a side note, do you any of you remember what time he wanted the one sheet due by on monday?

  8. If anything, we can talk a little after class too! I emailed him earlier today and he said it was midnight. I’ve begun playing Magicka and it’s definitely very fun. Still have yet to test the discussion worthiness though. Also, would you all mind setting a picture of yourself for your profile picture? Just so we can recognize each other in person?

  9. Hi everyone, seems like I was just looking at everyone’s commentary. I don’t know much about video games, but I think it would be nice to have an interesting game that can catch people’s attention. And of course, that it meets the requirements for the presentation. I’m pretty flexible when it comes to meeting up, I can do Tuesday at 2. Since I don’t want to put a profile picture, I’m the short girl with the short hair and blond highlights..

  10. I was thinking about suggesting Soma which just came out in September I believe. it’s made by Frictional Games, the same people who make Amnesia. I personally like Soma more than Amnesia, and it got really good reviews. It’s a science fiction-y survival horror game, which I’ll admit I’m not usually a fan of survival games like Amnesia (where you just run around and survive), but Soma has a really interesting plot and interactions. From the website it says the game “is an unsettling story about identity, consciousness, and what it means to be human” (http://somagame.com/). The price is not horrible at $29.99, but it is more than the games we needed to buy for the class, so I totally understand that at this amount it’s not super accessible in that sense. I expect no one to purchase it unless you really want to play it. But I encourage you to look into it and let me know what you think!

  11. Meeting INSIDE the classroom by the way!

  12. Ok, I thought of a suggestion. So there’s an RPG that I used to play back in the days when playstation 1 was around called Breath of Fire (#4).. I saw that there’s a PC version. Again, just a suggestion. It’s free download, but I haven’t actually downloaded it.. and I have to refresh my memory so I can’t speak about how it will stir up discussion.

  13. So far we have

    Breath of Fire
    Today should be the last day for nominations, we should select and start playing the game by tomorrow so we can figure out which section of the game we want to present.

    I suggest we stay away from FPRPGs, they aren’t very versatile. They lack diversity in gameplay besides for storyline, and I don’t think spending our time discussing backstories or plots is the most efficient form of presentation. I think that type of discussion is left more to forum debates that are filled with subjectivity and interpretation of the developer’s design.

    If you guys really do want to step forward with an FPRPG, I suggest Half-Life 2, but I encourage us to display more obscure types of gameplay. Preferably something co-operative, multiplayer games can visually highlight differences(In real time) between player abilities and intuition. Visually highlighting the amount of acquired Ludic Phronesis individuals have would be a very interesting catalyst to discussion. The more complex the inputs the more you can go into about ergodic and non ergodic work, looping in triviality and challenges.

  14. Honestly I’m fine with Soma or Magicka at this point. For Soma we could discuss how video games intersect with philosophy and have the power to make us question our own significance. For Magicka we could talk about the thrill of experimentation especially when it’s with friends and how our knowledge affects our gameplay. E.g. You only stick to a few simple spells at first but with more time and experimentation, you start using all of these complicated ones with ease. I’m fine with anything :)

  15. I still am interested in Soma, I think that it the progression through the game is an interesting experience. I think the potential problem with Half Life 2 is that it is probably safe to assume that most folks in the class are already familiar with it, so it wouldn’t be as engaging in that sense, so doing a game that not too many know already would probably be most affective. However if Magicka is chosen that is fine with me, I just don’t have the money to get it even though it’s relatively cheap, so i’ll have to rely on other means. But what was that other game that Terry said we should do that I believe Trung brought up? That may be a good alternative if we can’t decide. Also, don’t we have two other people in the group? I don’t recall what they said on Tuesday, and I was hoping for them to post/email!

    Also, I probably won’t be in class tomorrow, I have some personal things to take care of so I apologize for that. Let me know what everyone decides.

  16. The other game I brought up was Candy Box 2. If you want to give it a shot, you may need a guide as the beginning is very strange and the game itself can be very unconventional. It’s browser based and free so just google it.
    As for Magicka, you can find it for around $2-3 on a site called G2a. If that is a problem, I’ll gladly help!

  17. I would like to suggest the survival horror game, Five Night’s at Freddy.

  18. There’s been a lot of negativity towards the FNAF franchise within the gaming community. People just got really bored of seeing it so the class might feel the same way?

  19. We should really pick what we want like tomorrow at the latest. SOMA sounds interesting, but it’s not something we could let viewers capture it’s essence in 10 minutes. Also, it is pricey, and I don’t think I would like to invest my money in something I will only play once. I played candy box (day 3 now) and it’s a lot of waiting…which is fine, but right now I’m leaning towards Magika..

  20. Lets put up a vote then, comment below with your vote, we’ll close the polling at 3:00 PM tomorrow.

  21. Question..would stimulators work for this presentation? There’s a really cool Kickstarter game called Rides With Strangers. Here’s a description.
     Rides with Strangers delivers a truly unique video game experience that puts you in a terrifying and desperate position. Relying on the on the elements of classic horror films and games before it, Rides with Strangers forces you from your comfort zone and into a terrifying atmosphere that exists within the outside world. Just as in real life every car could be your chance to reach your destination, but the horror that exists inside will not come from creatures from another world, or from the imagination. They will come from within the very human people you will encounter.

    Every Stranger who will welcome you into their car tonight has been meticulously constructed, from their design to their dialogue, to represent the link that exists outside of polite society. Will you be prepared to face them knowing that these horrors could very well exist within your real waking world? Will you be able to put down this game and return to your regular life, watching strangers pass, knowing this could happen to you? Whoever you end up sharing the ride with, remember to keep a careful, watchful eye. Remember, despite the small talk, that they are not your savior but a wolf in sheep’s skin.

  22. The only thing with the Kickstarter game is it hasn’t come out yet. (Unless I missed something) we’d have more than 10 minutes to present SOMA. The way I see it is we could all at least watch a playthrough of the game instead of needing to buy it. Then, during the presentation, we give a brief overview of the story line and then show two clips that play a huge part in the story that would take about 15 minutes. The focus of the discussion of the class is whether or not they value games that are more philosophical and story based than traditional games that involve a quest and reward system.

    As for Candy Box, a solution to waiting is show them the very beginning, an account a few days in, and an account that has reached the end. (Which I have) I’m not hugely invested in presenting that unless you guys want to though.

    Then when it comes to Soma vs. Magicka, I’m honestly not sure which one to to choose. I’m definitely more interested in Soma for how much it makes you think, but presenting a game for the game instead of the story with Magicka seems the more traditional route. Which isn’t necessarily bad either. Idk.

  23. They had a long demo for 2 dollars but I they’re not selling it anymore. So, that being said, I say we take a vote. I vote Magika because I want to physically play the game, not just watch a walk through. And this game is cheap so that makes it better..

  24. i vote candy box or magicka

  25. Shall we come to a consensus today?

    Post your steam names so we can all add each other.

  26. Seems like Magicka has won? My steam name is sushiturnsmeon.

  27. steamcommunity.com/id/fatgunnerd

  28. can anyone give me a quick rundown of what happened in class today? i wasn’t able to make it.

  29. Brilliance_ is my username.

    We should start playing this week, together if possible.

  30. if anyone still needs to get it it’s on sale on steam for $2.50. February is super busy for me and I’m barely home and have free time so I don’t know if I’ll be able to schedule consistent time to play together, but how is it going for everyone? Maybe on Thursday or on here we should decide what we all what to talk about. we need enough for all 6 of us. Also, sorry for missing the last 2 classes if you wanted to talk there, i have a medical thing I’m trying to take care of, but I’ll be in class on Thursday, and have time to meet before class per usual.

  31. Okay, so I was just about to buy it but i see it’s only for PC and I have a mac so I guess I’ll rely on gameplay videos?

  32. My steam name is uwcristal. And yeah, turns out it’s only for PC version computers.

  33. Brilliance_

    We should play Friday/Saturday together and each of us should beat the game on our own to figure out the chapter we want to present.

  34. i can do friday, not saturday though unless it’s like at 9pm .. and yeah. I suck at this game so I don’t think I’ll be able to beat it.. my username is either crisramos522 or uwcristal.. in Magicka my username is crisramos522 but on steam it’s uwcristal

  35. No way, we’ll show you how to play 😛

    Lets do tonight ~8/9:00 We can limit to 1 hour

  36. Yea tonight works for me! Could we do it at 6 or something instead? I have something going on that starts at 8 that I’d need to be early for. Also do we have a way of communicating in game? If you guys are comfortable with it, I also feel that we should either post our numbers or add each other on Facebook to make communication easier? It’s difficult to know when someone posts here. I was able to find a few of you on Facebook so I’ll try to get a message thread going.

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